by Poeticat

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released October 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Poeticat UK

Stemming from London and Lisbon Poeticat are an original mix of honest, thought-provoking poetry and catchy, genre-hopping music. Rebellious, authentic, exciting and theatrical Poeticat’s mind-bending, visceral journey will keep you whistling all the way home.
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Track Name: Centre of the Concrete Sqaure
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​Centre of the Concrete Square

Here we sit on your old sofa
The ends of your eyelashes are blond
I wore my mothers cardigan
you bought me rubbish flowers
Spin the world around with our palms

My mother never knew
If she bought my clothes from charity shops
I would be teased
My father never knew
If he kept teaching me how to ride a bike
One day I would take off

And you should all bring your children up on council estates
Because they can have a gang and that’s important for children
We used milk crates to speed down the concrete hill
Even the boys enjoyed the dolls' tea parties
The centre of the concrete square was a deep lake
And we dove in and saw the future
It was separate and tangled and responsible
So we dove a bit deeper and found a shell to sleep in

And my mother never knew that if she let me get my ears pierced
I would hang silver hoops from them
And my father never knew if he kept shouting at the prime minister on the telly
I’d grow up to be a socialist poet

On one occasion when we were asleep in our shell
Someone shone a bright light down in on us
And our tangled legs unfolded and our eyes opened steadfast
They grabbed my arm and pulled me up up up
They removed the seaweed from my hair
And scrubbed my skin until it shone
But my gang were too far down to see
And slowly the lake looked more like concrete
Until I cautiously tiptoed over it and smashed my fists into it until they bled

And my mother never knew if she kept letting my crawl into her bed
I would never want to sleep alone
And my father never knew that by teaching me kindness
I would grow up to cry more often than people are supposed to.
Track Name: Kind Words Soft Kill
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​Kind Words Soft Kill​

Kind words soft kill
Built by the man on the moon
I was confused
The splish splash of Norman's land is drawing nearer
And my eyes are heavy to countless languages unknown.

When we first arrived on the island
The touch of a local woman’s hand
Made a lasting impression on my arm
And I have not been able to get rid of those finger prints since.

We slept under the stars in a heap
The ants climbed our feet
Until we ran leaving our belongings behind
Into the mountains and beyond the land
And across the starry sky into the abyss.

Moon-walking towards me
My heart palpitated
Because I wondered if you were going to take to me
But you stopped before you reached me
And dived into the clear blue sky of the earth

And I knew that you weren’t coming back
And that it was over between us
And I thought perhaps I should stick with the other Europeans.

Alone up there
I had the chance to watch all the people moving about the planet in their different ways.
Some of them had clouds of smoke above their heads
So it was harder to make out what they were thinking,
The others' minds were written above their heads in script.
Some had one word,
Others a whole book of thoughts.

They said; I wonder if she likes me and if I’m ok,
I hope to make it to pay day
I wonder if I can make this jump
I hope there’s something nice for lunch
Please stop crying I can’t take it anymore
I think it is time we went to war

I knew the time for me had come.
I turned and looked but you’d already run
I took a deep breath and I blew over the trees
Munched on the hills, Drank up all the seas and
I destroyed earth until I’d had my fill
Now it is all
Kind words soft kill
Track Name: 3rd Arm
Third arm

Un-thought through you were conceived out of no-where.
A coming together of opportunity and circumstance.
I cannot recall all the details,
But now you are a third arm of my body.
And I have worked to grow you.

Although I know you are the right thing, the right direction
I worry the rest of me is not good enough to hold you up.
So there you dangle arm with bone and muscle to move
But I never command you.

I am scared I am not growing you fast enough
I should have grown something more solid
Like another head something guaranteed to make a profit.

I am scared for your future,
There are already many arms in the world
Why would anyone think you extra special?

Sometimes things are hard
And people look at us like we are strange
Or laugh at you third arm
Or say having three arms will never catch on
It’s a bit like the man with two tongues
It’s not unique
You can see the influences too clearly

But for now third arm
I will not to worry about you.
I’m gonna point you in one direction
Celebrate you with the world

So here we go with all our weirdness
Welcome to the third arm.